We’re Changing the Course and Culture of External Peer Review.

Since 2003, MDReview has offered external, physician peer review to hospitals throughout the United States to help them improve the quality of care they provide.  MDReview works with medical staff leaders to identify and resolve physician issues that impact quality of care delivered to the community served.  MDReview is the only physician-led peer review company in the industry, focusing on integrity, objectivity, sensitivity, confidentiality, and timeliness to provide hospital clients with an incomparable resource. We are committed to applying our expertise to meet the individual needs of each client.

When considering an external peer review partner, it’s important to remember that all external peer review is not conducted in the same fashion. In fact, there is tremendous variability. The implications are simply too important to allow the decision to be taken lightly. Your choice can mean the difference between a high integrity, respectable process and one that is indefensible and diminishes trust. MDReview is committed to your peer review project in the following ways.

We adhere to the highest moral and ethical principles; our work must always be unimpeachable.

We work to ensure that every report is balanced, fair and free of bias.

We are always aware of the gravity of each case and attuned to the potential for personal and professional consequences for everyone involved.

We go to great lengths to protect privacy and maintain trust.

We know we cannot simply impress our clients once or twice. We must deliver on our commitments each and every time. We are dedicated to building and maintaining our clients’ confidence and trust in MDReview.

The quality of our work is built on an unwavering commitment to provide uncompromising peer review based on exceptionally high standards.

Every review comes with its own degree of urgency, which is why our response is always immediate and we deliver our reports on time.



Exceptional Reviewers

All of the reviewers we invite and select to join our physician review team are Board Certified and actively practicing. Each is carefully oriented in our disciplined methods and then constantly supported and monitored to ensure outstanding performance. This is one more way we are setting the standard for excellence in peer review.

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