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Changing the Course and Culture of Peer Review

Today’s top performing healthcare organizations appreciate the value of an objective, timely and professional peer review process. They appreciate the importance of peer review in driving top clinical performance. Hospitals from coast to coast have incorporated MDReview into their peer review program to supplement their internal efforts and they are glad they did. Why? Because they found MDReview to deliver:

  • A peer review process meeting the highest professional standards
  • Reviews reflecting the highest degree of integrity
  • Unbiased, timely reviews delivered by Board Certified, reputable, and quality-oriented physicians
  • Improved attention to process
  • Faith and confidence in the promise of what peer review was always meant to achieve

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Who is MDReview?

MDReview is a unique and vital resource for professionals at the forefront of enhancing healthcare delivery in a complex and changing environment. You can expect an unprecedented level of integrity, credibility, critical thinking and expert advice that only our exceptional team of experienced healthcare leaders can provide. Our mission:

To continually find and implement effective solutions that drive excellence in healthcare.