So, Why Choose MDReview as your External Peer Review Partner?

It’s a Critical Choice. Choose Wisely.

When considering an external peer review partner, it’s important to remember that all peer review is not conducted in the same fashion. In fact, there is tremendous variability. The implications are simply too important to allow the decision to be taken lightly. Your choice can mean the difference between a high integrity, respectable process and one that is indefensible and diminishes trust.

Your confidence and trust should be earned.

We crafted MDReview with that in mind. Peer review is all we do. And perfecting the peer review process has been our singular focus since our founding.

Does your external peer review partner …

  • Recognize what’s at stake with every engagement and act accordingly?
  • Set and consistently meet the highest standards?
  • Actively manage each project so that it’s done correctly and on time?
  • Carefully select, train and monitor the work of its reviewers?
  • Provide credible, expert technical support and strategic advice?
  • Demonstrate in-depth peer review expertise based on years of relevant experience?
  • Listen carefully and craft unique solutions that take into account the unique nature of every peer review project?
  • Have an unobstructed focus on peer review?
  • Keep you in control of costs without surprises?
  • Stay engaged even after delivery of the report?
  • Demonstrate a stellar track record?

We love being asked these questions. Why?

Because, we are proud of our answers.



Client Testimonial

“I really valued having the CEO call me and explain the vision and mission of the company. Follow up from MDReview was very prompt. I felt like I was dealing with some very knowledgeable staff who led me through the process in no time at all.”

Mary Margaret Jackson CPHQ
Chief Quality Risk Officer
Abbeville Area Medical Center