Eight Steps for Successful External Peer Review


With a national reach and a diverse client base across all 50 states, MDReview is the standard for excellence in external physician peer review. Our uncompromising approach has been the cornerstone to our success. To ensure that we consistently meet your needs, we apply our extensive experience and proven process, using the following eight steps:

Step 1: Understanding your needs
We take the time to fully understand the unique issues that come with each project and offer customized peer review solutions specific to your needs.

Step 2: Choosing the type of review
Based on our understanding of your needs, we recommend one of several types of reviews, including comprehensive, focused / custom reviews, review of specific elements (RSE), and medical necessity assessments. Read more about our reviews here.

Step 3: Specifying a timeframe
You tell us how fast you need the results. We offer:

    • Standard Reviews – available within 21 days
    • Expedited Reviews – available within 10 days or less
    • Urgent Reviews – available within 5 days or less

Step 4: Recommending a reviewer
All of our carefully selected physicians are Board Certified and actively practicing. We match the training and experience of the reviewer to that of the physician under review. We present our recommendation to you, along with his or her full CV for your approval.

Step 5: Disclose fees upfront
We apply our fee schedule to your project. All costs are disclosed up front, putting you in control with no surprises.

Step 6: Conducting the review
Armed with written direction and complete medical records, the reviewer conducts the peer review according to MDReview’s standards. One of the most important aspects of the MDReview process is our active management of every detail, from the time you request a review until you receive the final report.

Step 7: Analyzing the review
This includes multiple proofreadings with an evaluation of each report by one of our medical directors.

Step 8: Delivering the report
We deliver every peer report on time no matter which timeframe you choose.

Who is MDReview?

MDReview is a unique and vital resource for professionals at the forefront of enhancing healthcare delivery in a complex and changing environment. You can expect an unprecedented level of integrity, credibility, critical thinking and expert advice that only our exceptional team of experienced healthcare leaders can provide. Our mission:

To continually find and implement effective solutions that drive excellence in healthcare.