What Can Peer Review Do For You?


Welcome to the MDReview Peer Review Case Study Library.

MDReview publishes case studies to share our external peer review experience and expertise.  When your hospital needs external peer review, turn to MDReview — The Standard for Excellence in Peer Review.

The best lessons are learned through experience and MDReview’s Case Study Library offers insight and learning across of variety of issues related to peer review.


Case Study 1: Supporting a Physician

Case Study 2: Unexpected, Tragic Outcome

Case Study 3: Avoiding a Neurointerventional Disaster

Case Study 4: Negligent Credentialing

Case Study 5: OB Hospitalist Program

Case Study 6: Surviving EMTALA Investigations

Case Study 7: The Aging Physician

Case Study 8: Sepsis

Case Study 9: Peer Review and Trending

Case Study 10: Standard of Care and Clinical Outcome

Case Study 11: Precautionary Suspension

Case Study 12: Retired Physicians Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Case Study 13: Peer Review During COVID-19

Case Study 14: The Importance of Complete Medical Records

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