External Peer Review Customized For Your Specific Needs

From the moment you call us, MDReview works to understand your unique external physician peer review needs, then recommends the approach best suited to your specific situation.  And whether your needs involve one x-ray or 100 surgical procedures, MDReview ensures that the process is not only easy on you, but also gives you the confidence that our work will meet the highest standards.

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We offer several types of reviews, designed to address different needs.

Comprehensive Reviews
Comprehensive Reviews evaluate all aspects of clinical care provided to a patient, as well as specific questions asked by the client. The results are delivered as a detailed narrative report. Most of our reviews are comprehensive.

Custom Reviews
Focused or Custom Reviews evaluate limited components of care. Typically, these focus on a certain number of clinical questions or concerns posed by the client, such as, “Did an indication exist for a certain procedure?” “Was the H & P thorough and complete?” or “Were complications managed appropriately?” The results are then delivered in a limited narrative report.

Reviews of Specific Elements
A Review of Specific Elements addresses a limited number of questions posed by the client. Rather than a narrative report, a simple table is completed which outlines the assessment of each element. The results are delivered as a table supported by brief commentary.

Respecting your timeline
Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a thorough and concise review while respecting your timeline. This is why you can choose a timeframe for delivery that best meets your needs.  And, our active project management will ensure that we meet your deadline. We offer:

  • Standard Reviews – available within 21 days *
  • Expedited Reviews – available within 10 days or less *
  • Urgent Reviews – available within 5 days or less *

*Please note that additional days will be added for larger projects.

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Active Project Management

All peer review is not conducted in the same fashion. So much more is required than simply connecting a hospital to a reviewer and hoping for the best. What’s at stake is not only the caliber and credibility of the review, but also the ability for the process to withstand challenge.

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