Changing the Course and Culture
of Peer Review

Say the words “peer review” to a physician, hospital administrator or other hospital leader and you’re bound to provoke any number of anguished reactions. When it comes to the state of peer review in general, there is, unfortunately, no shortage of pitfalls and mistakes. And nearly everyone we know in healthcare agrees that this essential area of medical quality control represents a political, professional and organizational minefield.

It’s a real paradox. Especially in a profession where compliance and regulatory requirements collide with the humanity of practicing medicine. Contrary to widespread practice, we believe it’s absolutely critical that any decision about peer review be made with the utmost care, objectivity, sensitivity, timeliness and integrity. Yet that is too often not the case. Why? Because over the years, peer review has been handled with inadequate thought, planning, professionalism or care. The result? Honoring perhaps the letter but not the spirit of peer review in a way that threatens quality relationships, fails to improve the quality of patient care and satisfies none of the parties involved leaving medical staff leadership with dubious defenses in the event of legal action or challenge.

We bring balance, fairness and integrity to peer review,
one case at a time.

Until now, no one has assumed the mantle in a cause that is in dire need of a champion. But at MDReview, we’re helping change that dynamic one excellent peer review at a time. Because peer review is all we do. We have been in your shoes. We deeply understand all the attendant issues and we recognize the serious consequences that poor peer review presents to all parties. That is why we are committed to your peer review project in seven ways.

We adhere to the highest moral and ethical principles; our work must always be unimpeachable.

We work to ensure that every report is balanced, fair and free of bias.

We are always aware of the gravity of each case and attuned to the potential for personal and professional consequences for everyone involved.

We go to great lengths to protect privacy and maintain trust.

We know we cannot simply impress our clients once or twice. We must deliver on our commitments each and every time. We are dedicated to building and maintaining our clients’ confidence and trust in MDReview.

The quality of our work is built on an unwavering commitment to provide uncompromising peer review based on exceptionally high standards.

Every review comes with its own degree of urgency, which is why our response is always immediate and we deliver our reports on time.